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"Abtos Covert man, I'm tellin' you. Easiest post there is, just a few nights and you're off the hook. Only the outpost, a small shrine and the rest of the forest can be seen...

What did you say? Strange shadows? Weird sounds? Paranormal activities? Those are just legends, bedtime stories man! There's no way there is stuff like that out there!"

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About Abtos

Abtos Covert is a survival horror game in which you play the role of a soldier keeping guard on a remote outpost out in the woods. You must keep your wits while searching for the truth. Fend off the mysterious entities attacking the outpost, find clues from previous soldiers that had the same shift and survive every night. Things will only get harder as you progress, so stay vigilant. Can you survive every night and discover the truth behind the stories, or will you become part of the legend?


  • A realistic scenery, deep in the woods.
  • Make use of the unique equipment of the Abtos Covert outpost.
  • Alarm system with movement sensors will warn you of any outside threats.
  • Defend yourself using the spotlights or hide inside the lockers.
  • Listen carefully for any sounds. Danger may already be inside the outpost.
  • Each enemy is unique. Learn how to confront each one of them.
  • Survive the night shifts while you search for clues.
  • Something happened in the outpost before. A story is to be uncovered.
  • Don't relax, ever! Each night will feel harder and harder.


Well soldier, seems like you're that guy. You drew the short straw and now you are to be stationed in the Abtos Covert outpost, a place commonly known for being quiet. But the moment it actually happens, the rest of the platoon is whispering: "Haven't you heard the stories?", "...heard someone disappeared there...".The stories about that place are innumerable. Human sacrifices, shadows running in the trees and souls still lost that sing a dreary song. When you ask your superior, he just laughs it off...

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